Camp Riley Team  @ Purdue EPICS

An initiative sponsored by Charles and Anna Mae Miller


Our Current Projects

See what the Fall 2020 Team is up to


a Camp Riley project

The Whack-a-Light is in the prototype phase right now. While a design was created and a finished product was made in the previous semester, this semester, we wanted to engineer a new version of the Whack-a-Light which will provide a better user experience.

Horse Enrichment

an AGAPE project

Currently we are designing and building a Slow Feeding Puzzle Box, which in inspired by the nostalgic sliding block puzzle. The Puzzle Box is intended for feeding treats to miniature horses.

Contact Purdue EPICS Camp Riley Team

Armstrong Hall of Engineering, West Lafayette, IN 47909

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EPICS is a service-learning design program in which teams of students partner with local and global community organizations to address human, community, and environmental needs. EPICS was founded at Purdue University in Fall 1995.


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