Purdue EPICS Camp Riley

Purdue EPICS is dedicated to delivering innovative projects to Camp Riley to further both the campers' experiences and the overall quality and efficiency of the camp! This semester, our focus is on two projects which you can read more about below: The 'Whack-a-Light' entertainment system and the 'Horse Enrichment' feeding device.



The Whack-a-Light device is designed for the sensory cave at Camp Riley, a place for various types of entertainment and learning utilizing the children's senses. Specifically, the child presses a button that lights up on the board, a new random button lights up, and the process repeats for as long as desired.

Horse Enrichment.png

Horse Enrichment

The horse enrichment device is intended to provide Camp Riley horses with entertainment when they are idle and not being utilized for camper activities. Specifically, it is a feeding device that attributes learning and fun to the horses' eating process.


Purdue EPICS Camp Riley Team